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I am Emma MacAulay,

BASED IN the SOUTh west - Western Australia BUT READY TO BE WHEREVER YOU NEED ME to be..

wedding + couples photographer


I am so stoked you've stumbled upon my slice of cyberspace - I am Emma a full-time wedding photographer based out of the beautiful south west in Western Australia. I love trips up north, the ocean and summertime days at the beach, I love spending quality time with my husband my son and our dog Judy, I have done a lot of weddings in my time and I still get the same thrill and passion every wedding I shoot. Meeting people in love and starting new chapters of their live is remarkably humbling and Im so thankful to be apart of so many memories.

What you will find out about me?

I love to laugh - at myself or anything in general. I adore connecting and laughing with my couples and their special people - finding out about their lives and the stories that have made them.

I have a deep love and connection to the land on which I have been raised. I am born and bred in the South West in Western Australia and I couldn't anymore In love with the amazing landscapes and beauty we have on our door step.

I am easy going and bring a relaxed presence. I take my role as your wedding photographer so seriously but I aim to bring a relaxing vibe to your wedding day and want to make you feel as comfortable as possible,